On May 20th Haileybury Astana hosted its second-ever annual STEAM Olympiad.

Another successful STEAM Olympiad! In our second ever STEAM Olympiad we hosted over 100 pupils from different parts of the country. 

STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math is an extension of the original STEM, due to the fact that nowadays all these areas are in some ways connected to the arts. We hold STEAM Olympiads and teach the concepts of STEAM in general in order to enable students to look further than the simple one-sided perspective of these areas.

STEAM Olympiad achieves this by allowing our students to compete in areas such as design, teamwork, innovation and creativity, which are all important qualities in the preparation for life after they finish school. In this years STEAM Olympiad we had brilliant ideas that made it difficult to come to the results. 


STEAM Olympiad Winners:

Award Team Name Winners Names School

Overall Winners

"Space Jam"

Valeev Alexander Year 9

Botey MukhametKali Year 9

Amangeldy Asiya Year 9

Askar Alima Year 9

School Number N54 in Almaty

Runners Up

"supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Homies"

Sanzhar Tazhmukhamet Year 9

Sanzhar Sagatbekov Year 9

Zhumagazy Yerasyl Year 9

Zhunus Shamrat Year 9

Baizauov Rashit Year 9

Lyceum School N59 in Astana

Most Innovative

"Third dimension"

Artem Kochetov Year 10

Lyceum School N20 in Astana

Best Leadership

"Maple Leaves"

Aidana Amanzholova Year 10

Zhanel Shornayeva Year 10 

Azhar Ashimkhanova Year 10 

Alisher Darbayev Year 10 

Alua Dyussembayeva Year 10 

Canadian International School of Astana

Best Design

"Hy Fly / Three Ways"

Aidar Samigolla Year 10

Kuanysh Yabekov Year 10 

NIS of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty and School Number N60 in Astana

Best Teamwork 


Medetbayev Alikhan Year 6

Dauyl Temuchin Year 6 

Arsen Bekbassov Year 6 

International School of Astana, NIS


Congratulations to all teams that participated. We appreciate your dedication and work ethic.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the staff and teachers who contributed their time and support to make this event possible and we cannot wait to hold this event again next year. 


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