The First Chess Tournament in School – Harmony of Moves and Victorious Checkmates

The First Chess Tournament in School – Harmony of Moves and Victorious Checkmates

In December, our school proudly organized its first tournament among students in grades 3-13. This event became a true celebration of chess art, bringing together participants from different age groups. Our tournament was divided into four exciting categories: "Junior Beginners," "Junior Advanced," "Senior Beginners," and "Senior Advanced."

Each round was characterized by an atmosphere of genuine competition, intense struggle, and intellectual battles. Participants demonstrated not only their skills in chess strategy but also a high level of concentration and determination in every move. Each game was filled not only with moves on the board but also with emotions that filled the hall.

Today, we congratulate all participants and celebrate the achievements of the winners. Your participation in the tournament has made a significant contribution to the development of the school's chess community. We thank you for your efforts, your chess mastery, and the memorable moments you created on the board.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the tournament by browsing through the photos that capture moments of joy, concentration, and victory.


List of winners

Junior Beginner:
1st place: Aitkali, Year 6
2nd place: Dilara, Year 4
3rd place: Ainel, Year 4

Senior Beginner:
1st place: Claudio, Year 9
2nd place: Aladdin, Year 7
3rd place: Riley, Year 7

Junior Advanced:
1st place: Insar, Year 5
2nd place: Amir, Year 6
3rd place: Dilara, Year 6

Senior Advanced:
1st place: Nazar-Ali, Year 10
2nd place: Altay, Year 8
3rd place: Adiyat, Year 9

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