The Haileybury Astana Full and Partial Scholarship Competition for 2022-2024

The Haileybury Astana Full and Partial Scholarship Competition for 2022-2024

The competition will consist of 3 stages:

1st stage. Subject testing (English, Maths, Science) - November 14, 2021
2nd stage CAT4 – November 28, 2021
3rd stage. Interviews - before December 10, 2021

Venue: Haileybury Astana School⠀

Registration deadline: 11th November 2021, 09:00


• Citizenship: Kazakhstan;
• English level: advanced;
• Age: 01/09/2005 – 31/08/2006 only (Date of Birth)

The link for Registration is available below.

*When all other criteria are met and at equal score in tests, the preference will be given to candidates from families with lower income.
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