The Haileybury Astana Full and Partial Scholarship Competition is open

The Haileybury Astana Full and Partial Scholarship Competition is open

Starting from November 2022 to February 2023, Haileybury Astana will be holding a grant competition for 16-year-old students to study the two-year IB Diploma Programme for 2023. The candidates will take tests that include Mathematics and English subjects, and verbal and non-verbal logic.

The candidates who score the maximum number of points will be invited to an interview with the school’s leadership team where they present their achievements, ideas, and shared plans for the future.

According to the results of the interview, the top finalists will be selected. The list of the students who win grants for the 2023-2025 academic years will be published in March 2023.

The competition will consist of 3 stages:

  • 1st stage: Subject testing (English, Maths, Science) - November 13, 2022.
  • 2nd stage: CAT4 – November 27, 2022.
  • 3rd stage: Interviews - before December 10, 2022.

Venue: Haileybury Astana School

Registration deadline: 10th November 2022, 09:00.


  • Citizenship: Kazakhstan;
  • English level: Advanced;
  • Age: 01/09/2006 – 31/08/2007 only (Date of Birth).
HASTMUN 2023 is a student-led Model United Nations (MUN) conference where young people can come together to discuss global issues. This year's theme, chosen by the students themselves, was "Mitigating injustice for a fairer future".
"KNAMM" Art Exhibition
On the 9th of March, Haileybury Astana Art Department opened the doors to the 'KNAMM' Art Exhibition which was held by Year 13 IB students. The word "KNAMM" means "come to us" in Russian, and is also an abbreviation of the names of the students who organised the exhibition: Kamilla, Naira, Anar, Merei and Maria.
The Peer Education Project
The Peer Education Project (PEP) is a secondary school mental health programme, available to all UK and International British schools. In Kazakhstan, Haileybury Astana is the first school to implement the project in the education system.
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