The Haileybury Mile is back

The Haileybury Mile is back

The Haileybury Mile is a beloved sporting event that takes place annually at the end of the academic year. Last week the PE department united pupils from different year groups. Young athletes from Kindergarten, Junior School and Senior School ran two laps of the internal road around the school. 

Participating in the Haileybury Mile presented an opportunity for young learners to interact with other students in the school community. Moreover, sporting competitions provide the opportunity for pupils to represent their House. 

We are proud to announce that all pupils performed exceptionally well in the competition. The Haileybury Mile proved to be a challenging activity that required students to showcase their perseverance and resilience, which are a part of the IB learner profile. 

Many thanks to the PE department for organising this marvellous event. Please see below the Haileybury Mile Results.

Haileybury Mile Records

Year Group Name House
Year 1 Alidar D Edmonstone
Sarah K Attlee
Year 2 Mark O Edmonstone
Sofia M Bartle Frere
Year 3 Suleiman K Kipling
Miya Y Attlee
Year 4 Marat S Bartle Frere
Isabel A Bartle Frere
Year 5 Valentin L Kipling
Charlotte L Kipling
Year 6

Denis C Edmonstone
Nursulu B Kipling
Year 7
Samuel M Attlee
Helena K Edmonstone
Year 8

Joseph A Attlee
Nazerke R Attlee
Year 9

Nicholas S Bartle Frere
Madina N Bartle Frere
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