The perfect conclusion to the Year: Speech Day 2023

The perfect conclusion to the Year: Speech Day 2023

Speech Day is a celebration of the achievements that were accomplished by our remarkable students. On Speech Day at Haileybury Astana, we gather teachers, students and parents together to reflect, on and celebrate their academic accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of our school.

We also honour those who have fought their way through the year with hard work and dedication, through a reward ceremony that honours those that were deemed to deserve it. If a student does not receive an award, it does not mean that we are not proud of their accomplishments, we simply honour those who have gone above and beyond and encourage our other pupils to improve exponentially. 

The Prizes this year for our students were Academic Achievement, Effort and Progress, Haileybury Habits Awards and Headmaster’s Awards for Leadership. In Junior School, there were extra awards for pupils who demonstrated great commitment and achievement in the fields of PE, Music, Art and Performing Arts in the form of Medals. It was fascinating to see so many happy faces among pupils, parents and staff. 

We also used this opportunity to celebrate our non-academic achievements. In our Headmaster's speech, our Mr Coles announced the joining of FOBISIA, a prestigious foundation supporting high-quality schools in Asia. We are delighted to be part of such an organisation. Our Headpupil Zsofia also announced all the amazing non-academic achievements that our students were able to complete throughout the year. 

And to all the leavers, we would like to wish you all the best of luck. Remember, once a Haileyburian, Always a Haileyburian!

Congratulations, Haileyburians!

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