Winners of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2021-2022

Winners of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2021-2022

Last weekend, the Main stage of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2021-2022 was held on the 21st and 22nd of November.

For two days, pupils from all over Kazakhstan competed in solving interesting problems from different areas of mathematics. The competition attended students who had just started delving into the world of formulas and numbers, as well as winners of the National and International Mathematics Olympiads. 

All participants of the Main Stage were awarded certificates of participation. Winners and awardees were given diplomas and gifts. Congratulations to the winners! Haileybury Astana wishes you the best of luck. 

We would like to thank Mr Kabashev, our Olympiad Maths Teacher and the Mathematics Department for organizing the competition at Haileybury Astana. 

Winners of the Haileybury Mathematics Olympiad 2021-2022:

Grade 8 Name

Abzal Tansykbai (1st place)


Arkenov Tamerlan (2nd place)


Torezhan Kabdyrakym (2nd place)


Ansar Kabdolla (3rd place)

  Assanali Shabarkhanov (3rd place)
  Adi Kuralov (3rd place)


Grade 9 Name
  Olzhas Makhazhanov (1st place)

Adil Beken (2nd place)


Dias Zhambul (2nd place)


Amina Kabdrakhmanova (3rd place)


Karina Shilnikova (3rd place)


Gaziz Turan (3rd place)


Grade 10 Name

Alexandr Mikhaylenko (1st place)


Sultanbek Bayzhanov (2nd place)


Inkar Mergalieva (3rd place)


Dosymzhan Kydyrbai (3rd place)

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