Haileybury Almaty School is delighted to announce the opening of a unique summer camp!

Children will dive in the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) implementing interesting projects, experiments and research work. They will have a new topic each week, which will help young scientists to expand their STEM knowledge and skills.

The children will also have an intensive English course and Fun Maths sessions. Apart from academic classes, participants will be doing some creative activities, participating in sports events, excursions and various outdoor activities. Our school canteen will offer balanced three meals a day so that children stay active and healthy all day.

Registration is open!

Haileybury Almaty Summer STEM Camp 2024

Age groups:
– 6 to 7;
– 8 to 10;
– 11 to 13.
Classes will be conducted in English.
Haileybury Almaty Summer STEM Camp 2024

Age: for children from 6 to 13 years old.
Dates: June 24 to July 26 (5 seasons).
Place: Haileybury Almaty, Al-Farabi avenue, 112.
Time: from 9 am to 4 pm.
Language of instructions: English.
Meals: breakfast, lunch, snacks.
Cost: 150,000 KZT per week.

Brief overview of the camp programme

Season 1: Introduction to STEM

• Basics of Science (Introduction to Science and its application in everyday life).
• Technologies (Introduction to the basics of information technology).
• Engineering (Introduction to engineering principles and design).
• Mathematics (Game tasks and puzzles for the development of mathematical thinking).
• Research project – planning.

Season 2: Future technologies

• Robotics (introduction to the basics of robot programming).
• Virtual reality (immersion in the world of virtual reality and its application).
• Internet of Things (basics of networking and the Internet of things).
• Artificial Intelligence (introduction to the concepts and capabilities of artificial intelligence).
• Research project – continuation of work.

Season 3: Natural Sciences

• Biology (study of wildlife and ecosystems).
• Physics (laws of physics in action: motion, force, energy).
• Chemistry (basics of chemical reactions and properties of substances).
• Geology (study of the structure of the Earth and its surface).
• Research project – continuation of work.

Season 4: Hands-on Projects

• Robots and automation (development of a robot project or creation of an automatic system using sensors and motors).
• Making video games (basics of video game development and creating simple game mechanics).
• Electronics and circuit design (studying the basics of electronics and creating an electronic circuit).
• Programming and Web Development (introduction to web development and creating a simple web page using HTML and CSS).
• Final presentations.
• Preparing and presenting projects to parents and other camp participants.

Season 5: Exploration and Art

• “Scientific Digest” project (research of interesting scientific facts and creation of your own scientific digest).
• Creative science experiments (conducting your own science experiments using available materials).
• Construction and design (introduction to the basics of construction and design).
• Arts and STEM (exploring the relationship between science, technology, engineering and the Arts).
• Creative project: creating a research exhibition with art elements.

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