We want to make the trip to school a positive start to the day for pupils and parents and to reduce time lost in traffic jams. This service will give more options to families to arrive and depart from the school with a reduction in the need for a driver or separate car for this purpose.  



The comfort of our pupils and peace of mind for parents is very important, and we will use the best technology to organise a transparent and user-friendly process. For this purpose the School has concluded an agreement to use BatOnRoute software.
We believe that this app will be very useful for parents, providing more information and ease of update.
Learn more about BatOnRoute software

BatOnRoute is an application specialised in school transportation management, that provides additional security and useful real-time information on the school route, both for the school and for parents. The application is available on App Store and Play Store.

If you have any questions regarding the project please contact Mrs Lyubov Ivanova, Transport Manager.

, Transport Manager
Lyubov Ivanova
Transport Manager

Tel: +7 727 355 0100 (#251)

WhatsApp: +7 701 345 6657




Which company will perform the transportation?

This year the delivery service will be provided by new school-owned minibuses, and the bus teams will consist of drivers and bus attendants who are employees of our School. This change should make the delivery service even better for pupils.

What are functions of the attendant?

The attendant will monitor the boarding/getting off of passengers and will assist and manage the pupils on the bus. The attendant will provide information from the bus via the mobile application, including recording the boarding/getting off of the passenger, notification of delays/incidents, and any communication with parents in case of need.

Which bus will be used for transportation of children?

Comfortable, modern Toyota minibuses with a passenger capacity of 11-20 seats, equipped with safety belts and warning signs will be provided for transportation.

What if the bus gets stuck in traffic jam?

In this case, the attendant will send a delay notification to the parents of those passengers who have not yet boarded the bus.

What if a bus with children on board breaks/ gets into an accident?

In this case, the attendant will immediately inform the Transport Manager of Haileybury Almaty and immediate measures will be taken to replace the vehicle with a proper one and to organise the safe transfer of passengers.

Is my child allowed to come to drop-on point/ go home from the drop-off point unaccompanied?

Senior School pupils can reach the drop-on point/go home from the drop-off point unaccompanied if provided with the written consent of the parent/legal representative.

Junior School pupils must be accompanied by a parent/legal representative while going to the drop-off point/going home from the drop-off point.

If the parent/legal representative is not at the drop-off point at the scheduled time, the passenger cannot leave the bus and will continue to follow the route, while the attendant will attempt to contact the passenger’s parent. If communication fails, the pupil will be taken back to the School from where he/she can be picked up by his/her parents/legal representatives.

How much will this service cost?

Monthly payments are calculated in accordance with the academic calendar on the basis of equal tariffs:     KZT 2 000 per 1 day on “one-way” tariff;    KZT 3 500 per 1 day on “both ways“ tariff.

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