High Performance Learning - Analysing

In summary, advanced performers tend to be careful and logical in their approach to work even when being creative. They know how to think for themselves–some young people founder at university because they’ve never actually learned how to do that.

This is a set of three characteristics about thinking logically and carefully. The three characteristics are: 

  • critical or logical thinking; 
  • precision; 
  • complex and multi step problem-solving; 

Let’s look at the three characteristics in detail: 

1 Critical or logical thinkingthis is the ability to deduct, hypothesise, reason and seek supporting evidence and is probably the characteristic most generally associated with academic success. It is what Sherlock Holmes does! It is the intellectually disciplined process of looking at the information you have gathered over time and using it to decide on a solution or response. Developing this characteristic helps you perform well in most school subjects, university and future life. 

2 Precisionthis is the ability to work effectively within the rules of an area of activity or knowledge. We all know what music played with the wrong notes sounds like–not that good. Being careless holds learning back; being precise is a significant factor in reaching high levels of performance. 

3 Complex and multi step problem-solvingthis is the ability to break down a task, decide on a suitable approach and then act. The more advanced learning becomes, the more complex it tends to become. To begin with, a child may be learning in small steps and can find it easy to link each new step to the last one. As learning becomes more complex and multiple skills are needed, this can present problems in moving on in learning as a successful and independent learner needs to. Learning how to create a plan for tackling a complex problem helps to make it manageable and realisable and this is a characteristic that can be developed. 

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