Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an important part of life at Haileybury.

We hope that with the wide range of CCAs available pupils can find something that appeals to them

We hope that with the wide range of CCAs available pupils can find something that appeals to them. It is our firm belief here, at Haileybury Almaty, that co-curricular activities form an integral part of a child’s education and pupils are encouraged to participate in CCAs Monday-Thursday.

Reception Class

The school provides a wide range of activities for children of the earliest age. Under careful guidance and supervision of the teaching staff the Reception pupils gradually develop their motor skills, critical thinking, imagination and increase personal confidence. For Reception pupils we offer CCAs like: Story club, Logic games, Finger gym, Construction club, Drawing by steps, Just dance, Playdough, Outdoor fun, Karaoke, Ski CCA and others.

Key Stage 1

At Haileybury pupils have the opportunity to participate in cognitive, creative and physical activities that are aimed at balanced development of a pupil’s personality. School teachers along with external providers create a co-curricular programme that gives an opportunity to find and support a pupil’s hobby, their aspiration in sport or improve their study skills. For Year 1 and 2 pupils we offer varied CCAs that might include: Reading club, Football, Taekwondo, Art, Turkish language, Dance, Emotional intelligence, Show and tell, Roald Dahl club, Story telling club, Cooking club, Kazakh speaking club, Junk modelling club, Chess, Mandarin, Reading fairytales, Drama, Singing and fun, Swimming, Handmade greeting cards, Lego, Ipad club, Funny Russian for locals, Busy things club, Painting and playdough, Board games, Mad Maths, Origami and many others.

Key Stage 2

All Co-curricular activities are designated to unlock pupils’ potential through discovering interests and constantly challenging knowledge and skills. In order to support pupils’ needs and ambitions we deliver diverse activity sessions using various internal equipment, facilities and venues outside the school. For the Key Stage 2 pupils we offer: Swimming, Reading comprehension, Debating, Homework club, Taekwondo, Emotional Intelligence, Felt making, Chess, Ski CCA, String Ensemble, Speaking club, Lego, Reading club, Board game club, Sketch drawing club, Ukulele, Basketball, Russian reading club, Painting by numbers, Knitting club, Creative programming club, Wood Wind ensemble, Greeting cards design, Handwriting, Maths support, Board game club, Book making club, Art and craft, Cooking club, Felt making club, Scrabble club, Drama, Photography club, Multiplication and division club, Art and craft, English grammar, Golf, Ski CCA, Kazakh speaking, In the world of words, Brass ensemble, Toastmasters club, Yoga, Drama and others.

Senior school

During co-curricular activities we create an environment that cultivates knowledge and skills that are viable in the personal and academic lives of our pupils. Senior pupils are given an opportunity to participate in activities that meet their needs as well as to organize and lead a CCA where they, in particular, share their hobbies, support their peers academically or run charity for local community. During activities our teachers prepare the pupils for different competitions as well. Among Senior CCAs there are: pupil-led Haileybury Service group, pupil-led Magic tricks, Debate club, Knitting, IELTS preparation class, pupil-led Film analysis, Table tennis, pupil-led Asyl Miras Charity CCA, MUN, pupil-led Dungeons and Dragons, Lego mindstorm, Kazakh writing club, pupil-led Mine craft, Swimming, Psychology, Eco-schools, Chess, Edexcel Revision & Coursework support, Guitar ensemble, Mediation and Mindfulness, Art, Reading club, Wood wind ensemble, Haileybury Gazette, World Scholar’s cup, STEM CREST Awards, Programming Python, Tilda doll, Philosophy, More about Russian, Jazz quintet, Scrabble, COVIS Eco Film Awards, Maths Olympiad, Senior choir, Brass ensemble, Felting and many others.

The assortment of our Co-curricular activities might change from Term to Term however we always consider the needs of our pupils and develop an offer that responds to demand communicated via teachers and parents.

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