A level graduates are accepted and highly regarded by American, European, Canadian and Australian universities and universities around the world.

Senior School Scholarships

Studying abroad is the dream of many young people. To enable young people to gain a place at an overseas university Haileybury Almaty offers scholarships in the Senior School. These are for 15/16 pupils who will have the opportunity to begin a Sixth Form programme of studies.

A-levels are valued across the world including in the USA and give access to world-class universities. These scholarships are open to pupils who are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and have a solid list of academic achievements. They should be interested in following a British curriculum and the study of the most popular British qualification: Advanced Level General Certificates of Education (GCEs), better known as the A-level.

We are glad to announce that the registration for the Haileybury Almaty A-Level Full and Partial Scholarship Competition for 2023-2025 (academic years 12-13) is open!

We invite 15-16 y.o. pupils to participate on the Competition* (participants’ date of birth should be from 01.09.2006 to 31.08.2007)

The Haileybury Almaty A-Level Scholarship is available for the external candidates with an outstanding academic performance to study A-Level programme (2 years). The candidate must be a Kazakhstani citizen who turned 16 before the start of the academic year (September 1st, 2023), and is not available to pay the tuition fees due to financial reasons.

We invite all candidates to participate in the 1st STAGE of our Scholarship Competition.

Olympiad subjects: Maths, Science, English

The Olympiads will be held in the following subjects: mathematics, scientific subjects (physics, chemistry, biology), English.

Criteria for eligibility:

  • Kazakhstan nationals only
  • Outstanding academic performance
  • Advanced level of English proficiency
  • Date of birth between 01/09/2065 – 31/08/2007
  • Provision of necessary documents on the financial condition of the candidate's family

The competition will consist of Olympiads, subject tests and interviews with members of the Scholarship Committee. All scholarships are granted on the academic basis with the verification of documents in accordance with the internal school policy.

, Admissions Director
Meruyert Askatova
Admissions Director
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