Digital Education at Haileybury Almaty

Digital education is "learning facilitated by technology that gives students some element of control over time, place, learning path and or learning pace.’

At Haileybury Almaty digital technology is a key part of our approach to a high quality education. Digital devices and software have huge potential to dynamically transform our pupil’s lives and learning experiences. Digital learning enhances the opportunities for everyone in school to be engaged thinkers, active global citizens and central participants in the learning process. 

Digital learning is any type of learning that is accompanied by computers and teaching that makes effective use of technology. It encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices, including blended and virtual learning. 

In particular this affects the following areas of learning:-

Time: Learning is no longer restricted to the school day or the school year. The Internet and a proliferation of Internet access devices have given students or anyone for that matter the ability to learn at any time.

Place: Learning is no longer restricted to within the walls of a classroom. The Internet and a proliferation of Internet access devices have given students the ability to learn anywhere and everywhere.

Path: Learning is no longer restricted to the pedagogy used by the teacher. Interactive and adaptive software allows students to learn in their own style, making learning personal and engaging. New learning technologies provide real time data that gives teachers the information they need to adjust instruction to meet the unique needs of each student.

Digital learning requires a combination of technology, digital content and instruction.

Pace: Learning is no longer restricted to the pace of an entire classroom of students. Interactive and adaptive software allows students to learn at their own pace, spending more or less time on lessons or subjects to achieve the same level of learning.

Digital learning removes limitations and restrictions that conventional teaching may have. It is more than just providing students with a laptop though.

Technology: Technology facilitates how pupils receive content. It includes Internet access and hardware, which can be any Internet access device – from a desktop to a laptop to an iPad. It is important to remember that technology is the tool and not the end point.

Digital Content: Digital content is the high quality academic material which is delivered through technology. It is what students learn. It ranges from new engaging, interactive and adaptive software to classic literature to video lectures to games.

Instruction: High quality teachers are essential to digital learning. Technology may change the role of the teacher but it will never eliminate the need for a teacher. With digital learning, teachers will be able to provide personalised guidance and assistance to ensure pupils learn well and stay on track.

The children at Haileybury begin their digital journey in Reception where we provide a shared device with a stylus to enhance their learning.

The children at Haileybury begin their digital journey in Reception where we provide a shared device with a stylus to enhance their learning; this approach introduces them to digital devices. We then build on this by providing an iPad to Years 1 and Years 2 on a shared basis. By the time the children enter Year 3, they have been exposed to a wealth of digital learning and here they are given a device each to continue their journey.

At Haileybury we have a structure that sees the children bringing their own device from Year 4 upwards. Currently we feel that the best device is the iPad as this can access a wealth of digital tools from Google, Microsoft and Apple. This creates an environment where creativity is the norm and is encouraged. In the Senior School the school recommends adding a keyboard to the iPad or to bring a MacBook. This device will then support them as they progress to longer pieces of project work and through to university.

Our teaching staff are familiar with the Apple, Microsoft and Google environments which means that we are able to accommodate many forms of digital literacy with our students in an environment which is not made up of only one platform. We are very happy to be the first school in Kazakhstan to be part of the Apple School Manager which means we are able to download the best apps for teaching directly from Apple.

We are keen to assist our pupils gain strong skills of digital literacy and equally important to have strong awareness of e-safety. They are now living in a digital world and part of our role as a world class school is to help them to acquire transferable and flexible digital skills for their future. We are excited and pleased to do this which places digital education at the heart of our strategy for all our learners at Haileybury Almaty.

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