Sixth Form at Haileybury presents an exciting opportunity for girls and boys to make significant choices about their future.


The A-level curriculum provides a focused, investigative learning opportunity. By choosing three or four subjects, pupils identify as subject specialists and explore subject areas in detail. Their pathways are complemented with appropriate electives, and balanced with the core curriculum.

How do A-Levels work?

  • A 2-year course of study in a smaller number of subjects - commonly 3 
  • All Russian speakers encouraged to attend CCA for A-level
  • Examination based though some do have coursework e.g. Art
  • International A levels are modular and the final grade is a combination of all the individual grades
  • Normally half the modules are taken after 1 year and the second half after the second year
  • Modules can be retaken at any time in the 2 years.
  • A-level courses build on the foundational work done in GCSEs

What are the key strengths of sitting A Levels?

  • They allow a young person to focus on their choice of subjects
  • This is a powerful motivator. The choice is important!
  • They allow for specialism (eg all three sciences) or a broad range of subjects.
  • They allow a pupil to study in-depth and really get to grips with advanced-level study.
  • Especially powerful if a young person knows what they wish to focus on at university.
  • They offer additional time for co-curricular involvement and the wider development of young people 
  • Advocates of the A-Level system point out that twice as many international schools focus on A Levels as opposed to IB
  • A-Level courses allow time to study in-depth, develop their university applications and undertake the International Award (Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme)
  • The programme of study should be tailored individually to each pupil, rather than moulding the pupil to fit the qualification.

What do A-Levels develop in a young person?

What A-Level subjects are availabable?

A-levels 2024-2026 Options
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Preparing University applications

We offer a full university counselling service as part of our fees - you do not need to go elsewhere for this.

The team has experienced counsellors for US/UK and other world universities and our success speaks for itself.

We have already started to prepare our Y12 for next year’s applications and if you have any questions please do approach us about this.

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At Haileybury Almaty, we are dedicated to fostering the development of essential life skills in our students, preparing them to thrive in an ever-evolving world. This year, we are thrilled to introduce a new initiative for our KS3 students – Entrepreneurship Week, from June 10th to 14th, 2024.
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We are proud of our achievements and the recognition we have received, but we are even more excited about what the future holds. If you are looking for a school that offers an outstanding education, a supportive community, and endless opportunities for growth, we invite you to join us at Haileybury Almaty.

We are excited to invite you to explore a new feature here on the website that will help you achieve a better understanding of our school and all that we have to offer. You can take a virtual tour of our campus, explore our classrooms and facilities and take a closer look at our admissions process.

You'll be able to see first hand what sets our school apart and why we could well be the perfect fit for your child's education.

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