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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Parents and Visitors

from 17.03.2020

Bronze Medal of American Mathematics Competition

from 12.03.2020

1st Place at the Code Day competition

from 06.03.2020

Coffee Morning Concert Series

from 05.03.2020

Skype with authors

from 05.03.2020

American Pen Pals

from 02.03.2020

World Book Day

from 01.03.2020

UK Alumni Networking Evening

from 26.02.2020

Meet the new Head Master

from 23.02.2020

Haileybury Ski and Snowboarding Weekend

from 21.02.2020

Abay's poetry recitation competition

from 21.01.2020

MIT Students at Haileybury Almaty

from 19.01.2020

The pupils of Haileybury Almaty continue delighting us with their success!

from 15.01.2020

Haileybury Almaty Primary Talent Show

from 15.12.2019

Haileybury Almaty English Olympiad 2020

from 10.12.2019

Winter Wonder Fair 2019

from 10.12.2019

Generation Z: How do young robot designers live?

from 03.12.2019

Success stories of leavers 2019, USA & Canada Destinations

from 22.11.2019

Nurtas, a silver medalist of the International Mathematics Olympiad spoke at the «Ел үміті» youth forum.

from 20.11.2019

Success stories of leavers 2019, UK Destinations

from 05.11.2019

The moment of Glory: Congratulations to Daulet Orazkulov, UCL Graduate!

from 04.11.2019

New Headmaster of Haileybury Astana from September 2020

from 15.10.2019

Winners in an International Art Competition

from 09.10.2019

The moment of Glory: Congratulations to Nikol Chen, UCL Graduate!

from 01.10.2019

The moment of Glory: Congratulations to Karina Tukanova, UCL Graduate

from 01.10.2019

Haileybury Almaty Mathematics Olympiad 2019

from 01.10.2019

Languages Day at Haileybury Almaty

from 27.09.2019

British Universities Fair at Haileybury Almaty

from 25.09.2019

Trip to Chamberlain Country Club

from 19.09.2019

Senior School Assembly

from 17.09.2019

Mocktail Event

from 17.09.2019

New arrivals in the library

from 15.09.2019

News from International Maths Olympiad

from 13.09.2019

House football competition

from 13.09.2019

Open Morning at Haileybury Almaty

from 12.09.2019

Silver and Bronze medal in Karate!

from 11.09.2019

Senior School Assembly

from 10.09.2019

Knowledge Day

from 22.08.2019

Public Examination results

from 15.08.2019

News from Maths Olympiad

from 21.07.2019

Balkan success

from 05.07.2019

Haileybury Almaty and Special Olympics Kazakhstan

from 04.07.2019

Reception Graduation Ceremony

from 14.06.2019

Year Six Leavers’ Ball

from 13.06.2019

Music Concert in the Zhambyl Philharmonic Main Hall

from 11.06.2019

Successful entries into the Royal Academy Youth Art Exhibition

from 09.06.2019

Year 5-6 Sports Day

from 07.06.2019

Secondary Sports Day

from 02.06.2019

Speech Day & 10 year celebration

from 31.05.2019

Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean

from 27.05.2019

Visit to Orphanage

from 25.05.2019

Lower School House Music Competition

from 24.05.2019

Reception Sports Day

from 21.05.2019

Y1-Y4 Sports Day

from 16.05.2019

Pupil work on show for the Robin Hood performance at KIMEP University

from 14.05.2019

Prize-winners of the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad

from 13.05.2019

Duke of Edinburgh International Award Expedition

from 11.05.2019

The new Headmaster at Haileybury Almaty

from 08.05.2019

Living Museum

from 23.04.2019

Nauryz celebration

from 22.04.2019


from 22.04.2019

Gordonstoun Concert

from 15.04.2019

COBIS ART competition results

from 12.04.2019

Victory in the International Dance Competition

from 07.04.2019

Trip to Hong Kong

from 05.04.2019

Republic Maths Olympiad Winners

from 29.03.2019

Lower School Assembly

from 15.03.2019

Science week

from 14.03.2019

Kazakh language online Olympiad

from 07.03.2019

Caravan of Kindness: “Aksai Hospital Help” Since 2015

from 01.03.2019

International Art competition

from 01.03.2019

Haileybury Almaty English Olympiad

from 26.02.2019

UK Alumni Networking Evening

from 20.02.2019

Accomplished Kazakhstani painter Anara Abzhanova visited school

from 31.01.2019

Shyngys took part in "Year of of Youth" ceremony

from 23.01.2019

Maksut Zhumayev visits Haileybury Almaty

from 22.01.2019

“Everything’s groovy” musical

from 22.01.2019

Haileybury Almaty English Olympiad

from 17.01.2019

IGCSE Options Evening

from 16.01.2019

Welcome to Cambridge!

from 15.01.2019

News from Maths Olympiads

from 14.01.2019

MIT students in Haileybury Almaty

from 14.01.2019

Well done, Sultan!

from 11.01.2019

News from Maths Olympiads

from 10.01.2019

Welcome to Oxford!

from 09.01.2019

Haileybury Almaty Accreditation

from 08.01.2019

Haileybury’s Got Talent

from 06.01.2019

Interview with Ian Hunt

from 19.12.2018

Mathematics Olympiad in December and January of 2018 - 2019

from 20.11.2018

Sixth Form Open Evening Presentation

from 07.11.2018

Girls Who Code

from 28.09.2018

Knowledge Day 2018

from 24.08.2018

Class of 2018 celebrate a great set of A Level results

from 16.08.2018

10 myths about the most prestigious schools of Kazakhstan

from 04.07.2018

Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony 2018

from 17.06.2018

Humpty Dumpty KS1 Musical

from 15.06.2018

‘Like you Like it’ Drama production

from 14.06.2018

Sport life at Haileybury

from 13.06.2018

Charity Project 'Women’s shelter'

from 12.06.2018

Mad Maths Morning 2018

from 11.06.2018

Bishkek Charity Ride

from 10.06.2018

Year 6 Summer Ball

from 08.06.2018

Concert at Philharmonic Hall

from 04.06.2018

Sports Awards 2018

from 01.06.2018

Unlocking the potential of each child

from 28.05.2018

Leavers’ Ball

from 27.05.2018


from 24.05.2018

Nauryz Celebration

from 27.04.2018

Reception Class vs Kindergarten

from 17.04.2018

Success stories of leavers 2018

from 12.04.2018

Art exhibition

from 06.03.2018

Success story: Aruzhan Koshkarova

from 14.11.2017

Success story: Artur Turaliyev

from 27.10.2017

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

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