Alisha's Impressive Journey to Global Academic Recognition

A Celebration of Alisha's Multinational University Offers

We are thrilled to highlight the remarkable achievements of Alisha, a shining example of dedication and passion at Haileybury Almaty. Alisha has recently received multiple university offers from some of the most prestigious institutions in Australia and Dubai, each recognizing her potential in sports sciences and business.

Australia: Leading the Way in Sports Science

In Australia, Alisha has been offered a place at Deakin University, the number one Sports Science school in the world. Here, she will pursue a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science, setting her on the path to becoming a leader in the field. Additionally, Alisha has received offers for dual degrees from Edith Cowan University for a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science/Bachelor of Commerce in Sports, and from Griffith University for a Bachelor of Sport Development/Bachelor of Business in Sports. These programmes combine rigorous academic training with practical business skills, preparing Alisha for a successful career in the sports industry.

Dubai: A Gateway to Business Acumen

Further enhancing her global academic portfolio, Alisha has also secured offers from several top universities in Dubai. These include the University of Wollongong, Murdoch University, and the University of Birmingham's Dubai campus, where she will pursue a Bachelor of Business with a concentration in marketing. These programmes are designed to cultivate her business acumen, offering her a broad perspective and a versatile skill set in the thriving business landscape.

A Future of Boundless Opportunities

Alisha’s diverse range of offers speaks volumes about her adaptability, capability, and drive to succeed in multiple domains. By choosing to study internationally in both sports science and business, Alisha is positioning herself at the crossroads of two dynamic fields, each with its own set of global opportunities and challenges.

As Alisha decides where her future studies will take her, the Haileybury community watches with pride and excitement. We eagerly anticipate the impact she will make in her chosen fields and look forward to supporting her throughout her academic and professional journey.

Congratulations, Alisha! Your hard work and perseverance have clearly paid off, and your future is bright with promise.

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