Celebrating Zhansaya's Exceptional Achievement: A Beacon of Excellence from Haileybury Almaty to UCL

In a remarkable display of academic excellence and personal determination, we at Haileybury Almaty are overjoyed to celebrate the outstanding achievement of Zhansaya, one of our bright students.

Zhansaya has been offered a coveted spot at the prestigious Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care, part of the globally renowned University College London (UCL). This momentous accomplishment is a testament not only to Zhansaya's relentless hard work and dedication but also to the unwavering support and high-quality education provided by the Haileybury Almaty community.

Zhansaya's journey to this achievement is a story of inspiration for all of us. Her dedication to academic excellence, coupled with an innate curiosity and a passion for learning, has paved the way for this incredible opportunity. It is with great pride that we see her taking this next step in her academic journey, ready to contribute to and benefit from UCL's rich academic environment.

UCL stands as London’s research powerhouse, known for its commitment to enhancing the lives of people not only in the capital but also across the UK and around the world. With academics who possess a breadth and depth of expertise across the entire range of academic disciplines, UCL is the perfect place for Zhansaya to further her studies and impact. We do not doubt that Zhansaya will thrive in such an environment, bringing her unique perspectives, insights, and the same level of dedication and excellence that she has always shown here at Haileybury Almaty.

To Zhansaya, we extend our warmest congratulations on this significant achievement. You have shown exceptional talent and resilience, and we are thrilled to see where this next chapter takes you. You are indeed a beacon of excellence and a source of immense pride for our entire Haileybury Almaty community.

As you prepare to join the dynamic academic community at UCL and embark on this exciting new phase of your life, remember that you carry with you the strength, values, and support of everyone at Haileybury Almaty. We look forward to hearing about your future successes and are confident that you will continue to make a significant impact in the world.

Congratulations, Zhansaya, on your offer to study at UCL! Your Haileybury Almaty family is cheering

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