COBIS ART competition results

COBIS ART competition results

Well done to Darya Volkova and Xiang Tao Chen. We are the only school in the world to have two prize winners selected in this year’s COBIS Art Competition! They will receive a certificate and gift voucher.


COBIS received 600 entries from over 100 schools worldwide, this is a fantastic achievement.


Furthermore these 600 entries are after each of these 100 school hold their own rigorous competition to select the best work to enter (since the number of entries per school is limited).

Darya Volkova- Runner-up Key Stage 1

The competition judges loved your artwork, and gave the following praise:

“Excellent use of scale and proportion within a challenging composition.”

“Exceptional idea and heart-warming scene with superb media use.”

Xiang Tao Chen- Winner Key Stage 3

The competition judges loved your artwork, and gave the following praise:

“Well executed and fantastic shading which helps with the expressive face.”

“An extremely mature piece with an excellent use of media and imagery. A strong composition and sense of colour.”

“Great composition and symbolism, wonderful simplicity and technique in portrait drawing.”

Haileybury’s Harvard MUN delegates
Сongratulations to Haileybury´s Harvard MUN delegates: Anuar, Alinur, Alikseniia, Selin, Nicolas, Melana, Ulpan, Tomiris, Ruihan and Iskander!
Haileybury Almaty students have received nearly $2 million in university scholarships.
We are so very proud to announce that all our A-level students have received university offers, and have been offered $2 million in university scholarships.
Scholars for Sustainability
Scholars for Sustainability is a project that unites internal and external scholarship pupils of Haileybury Almaty for one main goal - Sustainable Development.
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