Haileybury Almaty English Olympiad 2022

Haileybury Almaty recently hosted their annual English Olympiad

Over 140 candidates competed in a challenging online round where they faced a number of tasks requiring them to analyse a range of texts and testing their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Their final task was a challenging essay question exploring the difference between generations. The top 26 students were then invited to participate in the final round where they sat a written exam and participated in two rounds of debates.

Standards were incredibly high and the Haileybury English teachers were impressed by the calibre and determination of the candidates.

According to the results of the final round following pupils won prize places:

1st place - Sofiya Y.

2nd place - Erasyl S.

2nd place - Zara T.

3rd place - Amir P.

3rd place - Darina K.

3rd place - Nursultan S.

Balloon Debate finalists:

Nurai R.

Zara T.

Tomiris O.

Balloon Debate winner:

Karina A.

Most passionate speaker:

Diana F.

Best original ideas:

Dayana N.

Most engaged:

Tomiris O.

Congratulations to all participants of the Olympiad and wishing you further success and achievements in the future!

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