Haileybury Almaty and the British School Jakarta Awarded International Safeguarding Honors at Sacpa Safeguarding Awards!

Haileybury Almaty and the British School Jakarta were recognised for an international commitment to Safeguarding at the annual Boarding Schools Association SACPA Awards! 

We are thrilled to announce that both British School Jakarta and Haileybury Almaty have been confirmed as the proud winners of the BSA SACPA Safeguarding Award for 2023! This prestigious accolade recognises our unwavering commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all members of our school community.

This award signifies more than just a recognition on paper; it reflects the dedication and diligence with which we approach safeguarding, making it a living reality within our school environment. Our safeguarding procedures go beyond mere compliance; they are a fundamental aspect of our school culture, ensuring that every student feels secure, supported, and valued.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Deputy Head of Pastoral, Mr Darshak Pandya, whose leadership and commitment have played a pivotal role in achieving this significant milestone alongside the wonderful Safeguarding Committee at Haileybury Almaty. Together, Mr Mills, Mrs Shynar, Mr Wilkinson, Mrs Harman and Mr Pandya have nurtured a culture of safety across Haileybury Almaty ensuring robust safeguarding protocols to ensure the safety and security of our community.

At Haileybury Almaty, we understand that creating a safe and nurturing environment is crucial for the holistic development of our students. Our safeguarding initiatives encompass a range of measures, including:

🔒 Thorough Training: Our staff undergo comprehensive training with the National College and other accredited providers to stay updated on the latest safeguarding practices and protocols.

🤝 Community Engagement: We actively engage with parents, creating a collaborative approach to safeguarding that involves the entire school community.

👥 Wellbeing Initiatives: We prioritise the mental and emotional wellbeing of our pupils through programmes that promote resilience, self-awareness, and positive peer relationships. Most notably, through the introduction of our Pupil Led Wellbeing Support Team who are all also trained in Mental Health and Safeguarding so that they are available to support as and when required.

🌍 Global Collaboration: Partnering with institutions like FOBISIA and the British School Jakarta allows us to share best practices and continually improve our safeguarding efforts on an international scale. Following his recent appointment to the FOBISIA Safeguarding Executive, Mr Pandya represents Haileybury Almaty and the wider region across Asia as we all work together to develop safeguarding across the region. 

This achievement is a reflection of our collective commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safeguarding, ensuring that Haileybury Almaty remains a safe haven for all our pupils. A huge thank you to Mr Butcher and the team at the British School Jakarta for their unrelenting support and for offering their enviable campus as a venue for the conference. As we celebrate this accomplishment, both schools remain steadfast in our dedication to continuous improvement, always seeking new ways to enhance the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our school community. 🌟 

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