New issue of the Hearts and Wings Haileybury Gazette

We are happy to introduce an updated version of our pupils’ run Haileybury Gazette which is now called Hearts & Wings.

This issue’s theme is Perseverance. Perseverance is the ability and willingness to continue working toward goals despite challenges and setbacks.

⠀Entailing effort, focus and direction, our ability to pursue a passion over time, and stick with it is an essential quality for success in life. It is often more important than “raw talent” and is a big predictor of future achievement.

Hearts & Wings team prepared articles on following topics:

Resilience & Perseverance

In Climate Action

Art of Brainwash

Henri Rousseau post-impressionism

Finance: Jobs & Prospects

The potential of STEM

The emerging world of soft robotics

Is 5G worth it?

We promise that you will enjoy reading all of those engaging articles!

Success Story, Nicholas S.
A great example of out-of-the-box thinking was demonstrated to us by Nicholas S.
Orphanage project
Charity projects are crucial for the Haileybury Almaty community
UKMT Maths Olympiad
Congratulations to our students on participation in the UKMT Maths Olympiad!
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