Charity projects are crucial for the Haileybury Almaty community.

We try to instill empathy in children, teach to pay attention and care for others from an early age. In the previous academic term, we launched an annual charity project aimed at supporting the Solnyshko House for orphans and elderly people. All children, parents and school staff were able to take part in the project and contribute to such a significant cause.

On January 8, Haileybury Almaty students and staff went to Solnyshko House to deliver all the New Year’s gifts so generously donated by our community. Two vans with various gifts and individual bags of sweets brought a lot of smiles to the elderly and children from the Solnyshko House. We are happy to be a part of this project and are very proud of the work done together!

Victory at Turan University: Champions Crowned in World Schools 3x3 Debate Tournament!
Out of 45 impressive teams from across Kazakhstan and beyond, only eight advanced to the quarterfinals, making our achievement truly remarkable!
MIT Students Bring Innovation to Haileybury Almaty
Their presence injects fresh perspectives, innovative thinking, and a spirit of academic excellence into the Haileybury community, fostering an environment ripe for intellectual growth and cross-cultural exchange.
The visit of academician of NAS Republic of Kazakhstan - Askar Zhumadildayev to Haileybury Almaty
His experience and insight have enriched the academic atmosphere, inspiring students to delve deeper into the field of mathematics and contributing to the development of a culture of intellectual curiosity in the educational institution.

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