Professor Deborah Eyre at Haileybury Almaty

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Deborah Eyre at Haileybury Almaty. Professor Eyre launched High Performance Learning in 2016 following a highly successful university research career into the science of learning. Her career has focused on helping students reach high levels of cognitive performance. She created the High Performance Learning (HPL) organisation to engineer a system-change in educational thinking so that we start to accept that most people could be high performers and structure schools accordingly.

Deborah was very positive about her visit and felt that Haileybury Almaty was a great school showing strong progress with HPL. We are well on the way with embedding good practice with High Performance Learning and the knowledge that we are positively assisting every learner's development through positive teaching and learning is so important. We thank our pupils, staff and parents for the positive engagement with the visit of Professor Deborah Eyre.

Unique talents of Haileybury Almaty - Cobis Art Competition 2023 "Who am I?"
Albina Turakbayeva Y12, is a runner-up in the KS5 category of Cobis Art Competition 2023 "Who am I?"
The Senior Physics Challenge - 11 bronze, 8 silver and 3 gold awards
This year, 29 of our pupils took part in The Senior Physics Challenge, and eleven of them received bronze, eight pupils got silver and three pupils got gold awards.
Haileybury Almaty Community Raises 2.2 Million KZT for Charity
Heartwarming Outcome: Haileybury Almaty Community Raises 2.2 Million T for Women's Shelter and UNICEF to support children impacted by the recent earthquake.

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