The New edition of the Haileybury Gazzette — British School Haileybury Almaty

The New edition of the Haileybury Gazzette

The New edition of the Haileybury Gazzette

In this edition, our amazing team of Senior School pupils have prepared articles on key topics such as:

• How to choose your A-Levels
 • Let’s talk mental health
 • Organize, manage, archive - advice on online learning
 • Social Responsibility

Interviews with the Class of 2020 who have shared valuable advice on exam preparation and university applications; inspirational quotes; and lots of other interesting things in this edition.

We are looking forward to your feedback on our Haileybury Gazette team!

Haileybury Almaty is very proud of their active Model United Nations team
This group led by Y11 students Anuar and Alinur, has so far participated in MUN debates in Montreal, Almaty and New Delhi.
Virtual Open Day Session
We are happy to invite everyone who is interested in a British education for their 4-18 years old children to visit our Haileybury Almaty Virtual Open Day Session
Reception Assessment for 2021-2022 academic year
We invite everyone interested in applying to Reception class for next academic year to attend the Reception Assessment day on April 28th.
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