Welcome to Haileybury Almaty Reception Class!

Is your child born between 01.09.2019 and 31.08.2020?

Choosing the right school for your little one is a big decision. At Haileybury Almaty, we ensure your child thrives in a vibrant and nurturing environment. Our Reception Сlass is the perfect introduction to school life, setting the stage for a bright educational journey.

Why is the Reception year important?

- Foundation for Future Success: Early experiences have the biggest impact on later life. In Reception, children develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally at a faster rate than at any other time.

- Positive Attitudes: Our teachers work hard to embed a love for school and learning.

- Key Concepts: We focus on building a sound understanding of reading and numbers, essential for future academic success.

- Lifelong Benefits: Children who receive quality teaching in Reception often achieve better results in later years, including GCSEs.

At Haileybury Almaty, we offer so much more than just academics. Our engaging programmes and dedicated staff create a happy and vibrant community where every child flourishes.

📞 Contact our Admissions team at +7 702 355 0105 for enrollment details and additional information.

Haileybury Almaty - Let's shape a bright future together! 

, Head of Admissions
Yelnury Atakoziyeva
Head of Admissions

We are excited to invite you to explore a new feature here on the website that will help you achieve a better understanding of our school and all that we have to offer. You can take a virtual tour of our campus, explore our classrooms and facilities and take a closer look at our admissions process.

You'll be able to see first hand what sets our school apart and why we could well be the perfect fit for your child's education.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

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