Winter Wanderlust: Yr 10 Students Conquer Butakovka 'Waterfall' in Duke of Edinburgh Training Expedition

On Saturday, January 13th, a group of 18 adventurous Year 10 students participating in the IA (Duke of Edinburgh) programme, accompanied by two MIT students visiting our school, embarked on a training trip to Butakovka "waterfall" in preparation for their assessed expedition later this year.

Benefiting from excellent conditions and favourable weather with temperatures reaching around 10 degrees, we set out at 08:00, enjoying the privilege of having the trail mostly to ourselves. Successfully reaching the frozen waterfall, we descended the valley to a flatter, relatively warmer spot where groups cooked hot meals, relaxed, and indulged in the joy of sledging for some. The culinary skills were remarkable, with one group even preparing fresh burgers and crispy chips.

Continuing our journey using a combination of walking and safe sledging, we returned to the car park and minibuses earlier than expected, thanks to exceptional teamwork during the cooking sessions and favorable conditions. Despite a few students having been to Butakovka before, experiencing it in these conditions at this time of year was a unique adventure. This outing showcased that the beauty of Almaty and its surroundings is accessible year-round with proper planning and equipment.

MIT Students Bring Innovation to Haileybury Almaty
The arrival of MIT students at Haileybury Almaty marks a thrilling exchange of knowledge and collaboration between two esteemed educational institutions. Their presence injects fresh perspectives, innovative thinking, and a spirit of academic excellence into the Haileybury community, fostering an environment ripe for intellectual growth and cross-cultural exchange.
The visit of academician of NAS Republic of Kazakhstan - Askar Zhumadildayev to Haileybury Almaty
Askar Zhumadildaev, a well-known Kazakh mathematician, had a significant impact during his visit to Haileybury Almaty. His experience and insight have enriched the academic atmosphere, inspiring students to delve deeper into the field of mathematics and contributing to the development of a culture of intellectual curiosity in the educational institution.
Initium Robotics: Nurturing Passion, Building Robots, and Inspiring Diversity
Meet Initium Robotics, a team that has been passionately exploring the fascinating realm of robotics for the past three years, consistently pushing boundaries, and leaving an indelible mark on the field.

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