World Book Day

Today, Haileybury Almaty pupils dressed up for World Book Day.

It is a big international event, started 24 years ago, celebrating books and reading. Its aim is to give every child a book of their own.

While that may be a very fun part of the day, it is not what it is all about. The main aim is to get young people to read and love books.

Haileybury’s Harvard MUN delegates
Сongratulations to Haileybury´s Harvard MUN delegates: Anuar, Alinur, Alikseniia, Selin, Nicolas, Melana, Ulpan, Tomiris, Ruihan and Iskander!
Haileybury Almaty students have received nearly $2 million in university scholarships.
We are so very proud to announce that all our A-level students have received university offers, and have been offered $2 million in university scholarships.
Scholars for Sustainability
Scholars for Sustainability is a project that unites internal and external scholarship pupils of Haileybury Almaty for one main goal - Sustainable Development.
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