The phenomenal success of our stellar students - Alikhan and Yerassyl

We're thrilled to share the incredible success story of our outstanding students, Alikhan and Yerassyl! Last year, they took part in the prestigious Pioneer Academic summer research program, a journey that has set them on an extraordinary path.

As part of the programme, they undertook the challenge of producing a university-level research paper as their capstone project. Out of a staggering 2500 top students worldwide, both Alikhan and Yerassyl's papers have been nominated for publication in the esteemed Pioneer Academic Journal – a peer-reviewed scientific journal! This alone is a remarkable accomplishment.

What makes this even more exceptional is that only about 100 students receive this nomination, and merely 25 are eventually published. Having TWO nominations from our school is a testament to the exceptional talent and dedication of our students! We couldn't be prouder of their groundbreaking work.

The Pioneer Research Program, the world's only fully accredited online research programme for high school students, provides opportunities in STEM, social sciences, and humanities disciplines across 30 research areas. Alikhan and Yerasyl will receive two college credits upon successfully completing the program, thanks to the groundbreaking collaboration between Pioneer Academics and Oberlin College, ensuring top-notch research mentorship.

The Pioneer Research Journal, an annual publication, recognizes the best papers nominated by faculty research mentors. The selection process is rigorous, involving a blind review by a committee of over 40 senior college faculty representing 30 research areas. The blind review ensures that the top 2.7% of papers are selected for publication, a distinction our students are on the cusp of achieving!

Join us in celebrating Alikhan and Yerassyl's outstanding achievements! We eagerly anticipate the final results of the peer review process in California and have full confidence that their contributions will leave an indelible mark in the world of academic excellence.

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