Year 1 Testing Day (2021-2022) — British School Haileybury Almaty

Year 1 Testing Day (2021-2022)

Year 1 Testing Day, March 3d, 2021
We invite your child to join us at school on Wednesday 3rd March. During this session we will provide the pupils with a range of learning and social opportunities to assess their development against the following points:
- Following simple instructions in English
- Answering simple questions about themselves in English
- Concentrating and listening to a short story
- Counting and naming numbers
- Interacting with others
- Having a basic phonic knowledge
- Recognising shapes and colours

Following the session we will provide you with feedback on your child's readiness to join Haileybury Almaty.
 Year 1 Testing Day, March 3d, 2021

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The school is currently closed for the spring break from May 1st to May 10th inclusive.

If you would like to join our School, please contact the Admissions Team at  or write to WhatsApp +7 702 355 0100

We look forward to meeting you!