Dress to Express Day

Dress to Express Day

In our final week dedicated specifically to mental health well-being this academic year, we have come up with a range of activities aimed to tackle issues such as anxiety and coping mechanisms.

These activities include the opportunity for our pupils to partake in dancing for Junior School as well as lunchtime activities such as art therapy and karaoke for our Senior School. To round out Mental Health Awareness Week, this Friday, we are celebrating Dress to Express Day. Being our final week dedicated to mental health issues in this academic year, we encourage all pupils to partake in these activities that are aimed to allow our pupils to express their individuality through outfits. This again is an event to enable our pupils to show who they are without the use of verbal communication.

With mental health being a persistent issue at all institutes of education as well as in general life we would also like to remind all of our students and staff that they are always welcome to make an appointment with our school counsellor when they feel safe and confident enough to take the step of verbal communication.

Verbal communication is one of the biggest steps in addressing Mental Health issues and we believe that in order to encourage the taking of such a step one must start small. It is important to us that all students perceive the school as a safe space where with the help of our school counsellor, issues that plague daily life can be addressed. 

For more information and how to make an appointment follow the link below.

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