English Olympiad at Haileybury Astana

English Olympiad at Haileybury Astana

The English Department of Haileybury Astana invites all high school students from Nur-Sultan schools to take part in the Haileybury Astana English Olympiad. Pupils of 6-12 grades of secondary schools in the city of Nur-Sultan (public and private) can take part in the Olympiad in May 2022. 

The event will take place on Saturday 21st of May at Haileybury Astana School.

We hope it will be a fantastic way for the students to challenge themselves further in the English Language, to demonstrate their skills in using it and their pleasure in communicating well. The English Olympiad will be a fun and engaging challenge; designed to test the student's linguistic, communication and skills.

Registration termination date: May 5, 2022


- The school motto of Haileybury is “sur sum corda” which means “lift up your hearts” or “be of good cheer.”

- Our symbol is a heart lifted by wings. Write a piece of creative writing (any text type) which explores, through your eyes, the things which make life worth living; that which gives meaning and value to human existence.

- To participate, the student must submit a piece of creative writing by May 5th. It should be no more than 1000 words in length.

Please follow the link below to register. Good luck!

Join us for the TechnoGirls Motivation Day!
The TechnoWomen community is delighted to invite female pupils to participate in TechnoGirls Motivation Day, which will be held on December 9th here, at Haileybury Astana. This is a great opportunity to meet a community of women who work and have already succeeded in the IT and Tech industry.
The Winners of the II International Piano and Piano Ensemble Competition "The Path to Mastery"
On the 18th and 19th of November, Haileybury Astana hosted the II International Piano and Piano Ensemble Competition, ‘The Path to Mastery,’ organized by the public foundation ‘Music of the World.’
Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards for Haileybury Astana Students
The awards are presented to the students who achieve the best scores in their subjects in each series of IGCSE examinations. Amir, Alina and Zere received the highest marks in individual subjects in Kazakhstan - in particular Biology, Russian Language and Physics.
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