Great Success: 41 Points in IB DP Exams!

Great Success: 41 Points in IB DP Exams!

Congratulations to Kamilla for achieving 41 points on the IB DP exams!

This year, Kamilla has received offers from prestigious universities in the UK and Asia, including the National University of Singapore, Imperial College London, Hong Kong University, University of Edinburgh, University of Warwick, Bocconi University, and the University of Manchester. Additionally, she has been awarded a scholarship of $100,000 to study at HKBU in Hong Kong.

Kamilla's accomplishments extend beyond her academic achievements. She is one of the organisers of the Advicem Maths Competition, an online olympiad designed for pupils from all over Kazakhstan. Furthermore, she played a significant role in organising the "KNAMM" Art exhibition, which successfully brought together the local art community.

The admissions process for these renowned universities is incredibly strict and competitive, making Kamilla's achievements even more commendable.

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