Haileybury's Got Talent

Haileybury's Got Talent

As part of the Enrichment Week, each year there is a show created by some of our pupils and staff, where our pupils can demonstrate their talents and just have fun. We this it is a great conclusion to the year, as it allows our pupils to blow off steam after a difficult examination phase. 

Once again in 2023, our own Mrs Gulshat Nazymbekova, House Mistress of Edmonstone, with a few pupils created a spectacular show. After all the hard work our students had done, it was a good thing to step outside of the curriculum and enjoy the remainder of the year. Haileybury's Got Talent, a Haileybury tradition, was oncce again, an immense success this year. We would like to thank all the participants for their hard work and preparation , which complemented Mrs Gulshats work perfectly. We would like to extend Mrs Gulashat Nazymbekovas thanks towards the pupil that helped her the most in the preparation, Tomiris (Yr10).

At Haileybury’s Got Talent. All students from Senior School were encouraged and asked to participate and showcase their talents. Every single tutor room had been asked to come up with something, which led to an amazing range of performers from all age-groups. However, not just the talent show demonstrated our students qualities. Our own, Ayaleem, Head pupil, hosted this amazing event, together with her awesome cohost Darina. Ayaleem had a lot of jokes and comments in her repartoire, which brought a fun atmosphere into the room. We would like to show our gratitude to Ayaleem and Darina for their amazing performance in hosting this event. 

Nevertheless, throughout the talent show we got to see amazing students and staff working to entertain the audience while demonstrating a talent. We would like to thank everyone who participated and put in the effort to prepare and learn everything, it was truely amazing. 

Haileybury Astana hosts Astana Physics Battles for the first time
Haileybury Astana invites enthusiastic physicists from all over the country to the first Physics Battles tournament in Kazakhstan and Central Asia! Teams of 4-5 will showcase Olympiad physics problem-solving skills, presentation abilities, and error-spotting expertise in opponents' solutions.
Register for the National Debate Competition
We are pleased to invite pupils from Astana to participate in the first National Debate Competition, which will be held on the 14th of October at Haileybury Astana. Individual debates will be held in the World Schools style of debate, and the best team will play against the winner of the simultaneous competition held at Haileybury Almaty.
Haileybury Day 2023
On the 16th of September, we held our second annual Haileybury Day Charity Event, which brought together all members of our community. During the event pupils and guests had a chance to play various games organised by Junior and Senior Schools teachers and students.
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