IB DP Exam Results for Haileybury Astana

IB DP Exam Results for Haileybury Astana

Congratulations to the IB Diploma graduates of Haileybury Astana! This year, the school has achieved remarkable results on the IB Examinations.

Today's IB graduates join a community of more than 2.4 million lifelong learners across 159 countries worldwide. The global average DP score for the May 2023 session is 30.24 points. With an average IB point score of 36, surpassing the global pupil average, nearly % of our students attained an outstanding 40 points or above. These achievements truly reflect the exceptional accomplishments of this graduating class.

Furthermore, we proudly announce that 45% of our pupils have received the prestigious bilingual diploma. A bilingual diploma is awarded to candidates who complete two languages selected from the DP course studies in language and literature. Obtaining a bilingual diploma is a rigorous and challenging task, and very few schools achieve this distinction. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy as it involves completing the DP in two languages.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme offers a challenging yet rewarding academic curriculum that opens doors to prestigious universities worldwide. We take great pride in our students and their remarkable achievements!

On behalf of our students and parents, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the teachers, IB coordinator, and university counselors at Haileybury Astana for their unwavering support throughout the IB Diploma programme.

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