Informburo media portal - interview with Mr John Coles, Haileybury Astana Headmaster

Haileybury Astana Headmaster, Mr John Coles in his interview to the Informburo media portal: "We do not give children ready-made answers; we guide them and give them the tools to find out for themselves."

Mr John Coles answered a series of questions regarding the specifics of British Education; working during the pandemic; online and offline learning; sustainable development; the importance of strong relationships with parents; and, Haileybury Astana’s IB Full and Partial Scholarships for 2021-2023.

Why do we offer IB Scholarships?

When Haileybury Schools were set up, the founders wanted talented children from Kazakh families with limited means to attend the school to study. These scholarships are awarded in both Haileybury schools in Kazakhstan. They are open to students aged 16 to 18. If successful, they will have the opportunity to study the IB Diploma programme and gain access to the world’s top universities.

Places are awarded based on academic achievement and potential following a number of different assessments.
It is a highly selective process. But do apply. If you don't apply you will never know if you were good enough. The scholarship program will continue as usual despite Covid.

Please read the full version of the interview following the link 

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