Junior School Graduation and Prom!

Year 6 Graduation and Prom: 

At the end of Year 6 when our students depart from Junior School and enter a new phase of their life, we celebrate their achievements during their time in our Junior School. Year 6 Prom is a symbolic milestone in their school path. 

The holding of a Prom and a Graduation celebration has been a crucial part of our school system. We not only celebrate our Year 6s completion of Junior School, but we mark the day they enter into Senior School.

We invited parents over to witness this event. Seeing one's child progress is always a great thing to see and we were happy to have been able to put so many smiles on the parent's faces. We want to thank everyone that attended and hope that you were able to enjoy all the aspects of this magical afternoon. 

We first rolled out the red carpet and our Year 6 pupils entered the school one last time as members of the Junior School. Then we held the Graduation and Awards Ceremony, where the pupils were recognised for all their efforts and achievements. Finally, we held some fun activities, such as Disco and Haileybury Games to round out the afternoon.

Thank you to all of the attending staff and our Head Pupil for being such amazing sports and being such a great help in the organisation and execution of this event. We also wish all of our graduates the best and are excited to see them next year in the Senior School.

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