Quad Walk 2023

We are proud to honour the graduating class of 2023! Our class of 2023 has officially graduated from Haileybury Astana. They have worked hard to achieve this result and we cannot be more proud. We wish them the best in the future. 

The Quad Walk is a heartfelt Haileybury tradition that marks the transition of Year 13 pupils from pupils to leavers. This tradition gives leavers an opportunity to reflect on their school days and say their final goodbye to the school. It is also an opportunity for our younger pupils to look up to the ones that have completed their studies and are now moving forward in life. Something to aspire for our future graduates.

As they take a walk through the quad of the school, our staff and younger pupils cheer and applaud them to recognize their achievements and send them off on the new exciting journey. A real true ending to their journey here at Haileybury Astana.

We would like to also thank everyone involved in the whole Quad Walk process. Our teachers who walked our students through their IB process, were able to meet with parents in an informal matter and exchange stories. It is sad to see our class of 2023 leave but at the same time everyone is wishing them the best and we cannot wait to see them at an Alumni meeting in the future.

Good Luck Class of 2023!

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