The Duke of Edinburgh's International award 2023 at Haileybury Astana

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award 2023 at Haileybury Astana

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a prestigious award that aids you in the development of skills that will stay with you and aid your studies and future. It also acts as a certification of such skills. This year (2023) at Haileybury we restarted the Duke of Edinburgh's International awards which we hope will aid the future of our participating pupils. 

Over the period of the 26th and 27th of May, our pupils made their first International Awards trip. This trip, which is for the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award, consisted of the learning of survival skills, through camping, cooking outdoors with limited rations, no direct connection to the internet and travelling only on foot. All of these skills and many more that they will develop throughout this experience will aid our pupils greatly. 

It is great to have as many students from different year groups coming together to experience this together. This can form a connection that will not only benefit our students but can also support the relationships and cooperation between different age groups within our school. In addition, our younger students learning from our IBDP students is always beneficial thing. We would like to show our appreciation to all of our students who are participating. 

For our IBDP Year 12 students, this award also comes at the heart of their studies and workload. It is incredible to see the resilience of the participating pupils. 

Not only was this trip good for students, but it was also a great experience for the supporting staff. For the International Award, our students are constantly supervised and checked up on, in order to guarantee their safety and enjoyment. Our supervising members of staff already have experience doing international awards. 

This trip was only a practice run, that will lead towards the real thing in the near future. Both the students and the staff appear to have enjoyed the trip and are eager to continue their journey. 

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