A day in the life … Haileybury Kindergarten

Haileybury Astana Kindergarten gives the best start to your child’s British education.

Our International Early Years Curriculum is designed to support your child’s whole development including their:

  • social and emotional development;
  • physical development;
  • language skills;
  • mathematical skills;
  • developing a knowledge and understanding of the world.

The program is delivered in an engaging, English speaking environment where the child is at the centre of the learning.

Haileybury’s safe, stimulating and inspiring facilities are purposefully designed and resourced to cater for children aged 2-5.

Creche is for children aged 2 on 1st September

Nursery is for children aged 3 on 1st September

Reception is for children aged 4 on 1st September

If you would like to come and see how our children learn and grow, complete the enquiry form following the link https://www.haileybury.kz/en/astana/kindergarten-admissions and we will arrange a convenient day and time to give you a tour of the school.

Further information:

Drop off time between 7:45am – 8:15am
School day from 8:00am – 3:30pm
After school club available until 5:00pm
Meals included: breakfast, lunch and snacks
Excellent teacher to pupil ratios

Contact Admissions
?+7 777 522 45 43


There are limited places in Creche, Nursery and Reception, so don’t wait.

Онлайн көрме: Haileybury Astana мен Haileybury Almaty мектептерінің алғашқы бірлескен арт-жобасы.
Covid-19 пандемиясы кезінде Haileybury Astana мен Haileybury Almaty мектептерінің Өнер департаменттері бірігіп, өнер арқылы қоғамдастықтарымызға үміт пен қуаныш сыйлайды
Haileybury Astana — Лучшие моменты 2020
Для преподавателей и учеников Haileybury Astana большая часть этого года состояла из дистанционного обучения и ежедневных встреч через Zoom. Тем не менее учеба в режиме онлайн только укрепила наш дух и наполнила решимостью сделать этот год максимально продуктивным, веселым и интересным.
Как бы вы описали школу Haileybury Astana?
Fun? Motivating? Knowledgeable? Let’s find out!
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