Pampers Drive

The Year 12 CAS students have been working hard to encourage everyone to bring in nappies for the Dara Pampers Drive. Students at Haileybury Astana collected over 2000 nappies, which will be distributed to orphanages in Schuchinsk, Chilik village and Astana. 10LL collected 344 nappies in total, making them the winning tutor group. To show their appreciation, The Dara Foundation rewarded 10LL with a pizza party on the last day of half term.

"Hearts and Wings" Fourth Issue
We are pleased to announce that the June issue of Hearts and Wings has arrived. The last term of this academic year has been full of exciting activities and events that have taken place in Kindergarten, Junior School and Senior School.
«Haileybury’s Got Talent» талант шоуының жеңімпаздары
Haileybury Astana мектебінің жоғары мектеп мұғалімдері ең соңғы Enrichment апталығы аясында біздің оқушыларымыз үшін қызықты іс-шараларға толы ауқымды жоспар әзірледі.
The Haileybury Mile is back
The Haileybury Mile is back
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