Caravan of Kindness: “Aksai Hospital Help” Since 2015

Caravan of Kindness: “Aksai Hospital Help” Since 2015

We are glad to share with you an article has been written by our pupils, these charity project organisers.

One of the successful projects of Haileybury Almaty School is “Aksai Hospital Help”. It consists of three sections: ‘Help Children Read’, ‘Clean Water for Children’ and ‘Stationary Goods for Children’.

‘Help Children Read’: It all started in 2015 with collecting books for the library. Until now we have collected over a thousand books for the Aksai Hospital. Now the library is fully functional and available for all sick children and their parents in the hospital.


The second section of our project is called ‘Clean Water for Children’.  The Hospital can’t provide sick children with clean water so we decided to help them to install water cleaning filters. The hospital told us that they needed 9 filters. In order to do that we had to raise money by organizing school events. The first event that we organised was called Pink/Red Accessories Day, when pupils wore some pink/red accessories and donated some amount of money for the charity. Now we have collected money for 3 filters and a company called ‘Zhenisker’ has already started installing the water filters in the hospital. We hope to have some more charity events in order to collect money for more filters.

The third section of our project “Stationary Goods for Children” is on-going. We have already taken some stationary goods to the hospital donated by school pupils and we will continue collecting.


If you are reading this post and want to donate books, stationary goods or money, then please contact us. We will be happy to take them to the Hospital library.


We want to thank the school children and their parents, our teachers, our partners as Kazakhstan Kagazy and Mr Victor Grigoriyv form ‘Zhenisker’ company for their support.

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