Haileybury Almaty pupils created OhMyEcon economics website

Haileybury Almaty pupils created OhMyEcon economic website to help anyone who is studying economics.

The website, and Instagram account (@ohmyecon), are there to help anyone who is studying economics. They are there to assist by explaining key concepts in an easy-to-understand way. The website also has a section that shows these concepts in action in the real world. Our team has recently launched an economics competition series called "The Youthonomist" (https://www.youthonomist.com/). The purpose of this is to provide students with an environment where they can hone their knowledge of the subject, and see where they stand with other students.

The founders of the website have shared the story on how they come up with such an amazing idea:


Anuar, one of the founders, came up with OhMyEcon last summer. He has shared his story with us: "I was talking to a relative about how interesting economics was and how I received an exceptional IGCSE grade for the subject. Whilst talking, I realized that his relative did not really understand what I was talking about. I asked him whether he knew much about the subject and he said no. I thought that he was not interested in the subject but it turned out that there were little to no opportunities for him to learn economics as his school did not offer it and his parents could not explain it to him as they grew up in a Soviet society and so, did not know much about how modern economics worked. This got me thinking and in the end, I decided that since economics was my best and most favorite subject, I should create some sort of free tool to help people learn economics.


I knew that creating a whole website by myself was not going to be easy so I reached out to a classmate of mine, Alexey Dudarev. He liked the idea and wanted to help out and so, together, we founded OhMyEcon. Originally, the content was created by us but the process was slow and had a lot of flaws. This led us to ask our classmates for help with the project. After a couple of days, Aidana Assylbek and Togzhan Batyrbekova agreed to help us out with writing the content. As time went on, more and more people (from other international schools) joined our team and now, Togzhan and Aidana lead their own editorial teams and create content for the website. Our newest additions to the team, Kalkaman Satvaldy and Sofiya Shagirova, help with developing our presence on social media.


Congratulations to the team:

  1. Anuar B - Founder
  2. Alexey D - Founder
  3. Aidana A - Managing Editor and Team Leader
  4. Togzhan B - Managing Editor and Team Leader
  5. Sofiya S - Social Media Management

6. Kalkaman S - Social Media Management

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