How to get into the Ivy League universities and receive a full scholarship

Why it is important for a future financier to live in New York City, and what you should do to achieve top results in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

“I believe that the teaching staff of Haileybury Almaty has the necessary experience and knowledge for high-quality preparation of pupils for admission to the best universities in the world.

I am grateful to my teachers for their academic knowledge and recommendations, to the school leadership team for entrusting me with the role of School Captain, to Haileybury Almaty university admissions counsellors for their help in drafting applications.

I will remember with gratitude the time spent in the walls of the school”- Haileybury Almaty pupils say.

Lecture from Dr Sophia Mu, UCL
Dr. Sophia Mu, a professor of linguistics and an admissions officer from University College London, visited Haileybury Almaty
The winners of a prestigious global scholarship Rise for the World
Alikhan is announced as one of the winners of a prestigious global scholarship, Rise for the World, sponsored by the Rhodes Trust and the Schmidt Foundation in the USA. It's a full scholarship to any university in the world, plus many other networking benefits, particularly in Silicon Valley. Alikhan is the first winner from Kazakhstan of this prestigious award.
Roald Dahl Day
On Tuesday, the 13th of September, Haileybury Almaty joined many schools around the world to celebrate the work of the famous children’s author, Roald Dahl.
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