MIT Students Bring Unique Learning Experience to Haileybury Almaty

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two MIT students, Josephine and Sophia, at Haileybury Almaty as part of the MISTI programme.

This programme allows MIT students to teach at different schools around the globe, and we are privileged to have them at our school.

Josephine is studying Computer Science, while Sophia is an Aerospace Engineering student. Their visit to Kazakhstan marks their first time in Central Asia, and they are excited about the opportunity to experience our culture and beautiful landscapes. Josephine will be teaching our students about antibiotic resistance and computational modeling for development. These are advanced topics not typically covered in high school or middle school, giving our students a unique opportunity to delve into more specialized areas of study.

On the other hand, Sophia will be teaching space systems engineering. She hopes to provide our students with the chance to learn about the complex systems approach used in spacecraft that are launched into orbit each year. Both Josephine and Sophia are looking forward to providing an experience for our students to learn something they wouldn't typically learn at this stage in their education.

They are eager to share their knowledge from their college experiences and specialized programs. Sophia also hopes that by the end of her time at Haileybury Almaty, the students will see her not only as a teacher but also as a peer in their future development. We are confident that this unique learning experience provided by these MIT students will greatly benefit our students and inspire them in their future academic pursuits.

MIT Students Bring Innovation to Haileybury Almaty
The arrival of MIT students at Haileybury Almaty marks a thrilling exchange of knowledge and collaboration between two esteemed educational institutions. Their presence injects fresh perspectives, innovative thinking, and a spirit of academic excellence into the Haileybury community, fostering an environment ripe for intellectual growth and cross-cultural exchange.
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