With the help of Columbia University, the Global Health Research Center of Central Asia, also known as GHRCCA, will be launching the project JasSpark. 

JasSpark is a competition among teenagers and adolescents with the purpose of reducing HIV stigma and increasing HIV testing across Kazakhstan. It is a worldwide health problem that, however, is obscure among the people of Kazakhstan, especially adolescents. The competition JasSpark will help to spread the awareness of HIV and persuade those who are exposed to reach out for help.

Brief description of the competition:

  • The competition is open to teenagers and young adults aged from 13 to 29 years old.
  • Contents such as video, images, audio, text can be submitted for the competition
  • Finalists will receive prizes and participation certificates from Columbia University
  • Finalists’ works will be included in various scientific studies aimed to help national health in Kazakhstan
  • Works must be submitted before March 1, 2022 on the website jasspark.ghrcca.org

Haileybury Almaty Alumnus, Daniyal M is a member of JasSpark and we as a community are keen to support initiatives of our former pupils.


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