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Almaty and traffic are two things that sometimes come hand in hand. After facing many difficult traffic conditions around the school last year, Haileybury Almaty is glad to announce that we have launched our supervised minibus services.

We want the journey to school to be a positive start to the day for pupils and parents and to reduce time lost in traffic jams. This service gives more options for families to arrive and depart from the school with a reduced need for a driver or a separate car for this purpose. Haileybury Almaty is pleased to announce that the school bus pilot, which launched in September, has been successfully completed. This pilot project comprised of 3 routes. Thank you to the families who took part in the pilot project for their support and openness to the new experience.

In order to make the service even more comfortable improvements have been made to the buses’ schedule and an additional route was prepared. More detailed information, as well as application forms for new passengers are available on the school’s website in the section Pupil Transport.  

Unique talents of Haileybury Almaty - Cobis Art Competition 2023 "Who am I?"
Albina Turakbayeva Y12, is a runner-up in the KS5 category of Cobis Art Competition 2023 "Who am I?"
The Senior Physics Challenge - 11 bronze, 8 silver and 3 gold awards
This year, 29 of our pupils took part in The Senior Physics Challenge, and eleven of them received bronze, eight pupils got silver and three pupils got gold awards.
Haileybury Almaty Community Raises 2.2 Million KZT for Charity
Heartwarming Outcome: Haileybury Almaty Community Raises 2.2 Million T for Women's Shelter and UNICEF to support children impacted by the recent earthquake.

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