The moment of Glory: Congratulations to Daulet Orazkulov, UCL Graduate!

The moment of Glory: Congratulations to Daulet Orazkulov, UCL Graduate!

I am delighted to announce that I have successfully graduated from University College London with Upper Second Class honours in BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management. The last three years have been a journey in my life that I will always remember with warmth in my heart. I have met the brightest, kindest and extremely talented people whilst at UCL, many of whom have become my good friends. Living in London has taught me resilience, resourcefulness and the value of true friendship. I realise now how blessed I am to have been granted an opportunity to pursue my dreams and aspirations to their fullest. For this, I am immensely grateful to Haileybury Almaty, its staff, board and shareholders, whom all had a crucial role in supporting me since the very day I became part of Haileybury in the autumn of 2014.

Looking back and reflecting on my experiences I can say now that the last three years of my life have been challenging. Settling in a new country, understanding its culture and building new relationships was a struggle, a thrilling and exciting struggle that brought me plenty of memories and taught a ton of life-lessons. I cannot imagine another city, university or environment where I could better learn about my personality, its limits and strengths. The people I made friends with and the challenges I faced in my studies all helped me learn about myself in the first place. The years at university revealed my true capacities in building relationships, in withstanding stress, achieving results and most of all in managing my own self in all aspects of life.

I acknowledge that the values that Haileybury had enshrined in me played a crucial role in setting and achieving my goals. Throughout the journey to this day the tasks and goals I set myself required me to be inquisitive, resourceful, courageous and resilient. Without these traits I could neither have successfully completed my studies nor secured a job position in the highly competitive job market of today’s London.

I am currently a Real Estate Investment Analyst in a property consultancy based in London and focus on commercial real estate. I believe that at the new place I will greatly enhance my knowledge of finance and investment, which will help me achieve some of the bigger goals that I set for my career. My plan for the nearest future is to gain as much work experience and continue learning new knowledge and skills to prepare myself for my eventual return to Almaty.

I am convinced that with the right mindset and values one can achieve great heights. There have been only a few people in my life who planted in me the values I live by today and among them Haileybury stands out as a community who taught me to be grateful for the opportunities I have been granted and be ambitious in my beginnings.

Daulet Orazkulov

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