Life in the Sixth Form

Life in Haileybury Almaty’s Sixth Form balances stimulating curriculum choices with a varied co-curricular programme.
Pupils leave independently minded, spiritually aware and emotionally fulfilled. With this confidence, they can continue to achieve their potential beyond Haileybury Almaty.

Academic life

The aim of the Sixth Form is not simply to assist with learning but to build values that ensure pupils succeed with the transition to the greater demands of Sixth Form study. We aim to prepare pupils for top universities and future roles as leaders in their chosen fields. Inquisitive pupils who display resilience and resourcefulness in their studies will be prepared for a life of learning. By providing time and space for pupils to reflect on their learning and personal development we help them take responsibility for their progress. The extensive academic and pastoral support systems make sure they have the necessary courage to unlock their potential.

A Levels

At Haileybury Almaty we endeavour to ensure that every Sixth Former access their first choice university. We therefore offer the opportunity to study a rigorous A Level programme which provides many advantages to students applying to universities across the globe. Every pupil is educated to the highest standard. We expect all pupils to engage with all aspects of Haileybury Almaty’s Sixth Form, thus enabling them to flourish at Haileybury Almaty and beyond.

Learning for life

Making new friends, learning new ideas
Our House system means that everyone entering the Lower Sixth quickly makes friends. Our Sixth Form induction programme further emphasises the need to collaborate and work with others. Pupils are placed in vertical tutor groups which encourages pupils to build friendships across the school community.
Understanding and learning from others is a fundamental aspect of Haileybury Almaty’s Sixth Form. Our diverse pupil body means that all pupils are exposed to new ideas, new ways of thinking and new methods for learning.

Sporting opportunities

All pupils in the Sixth Form are expected and encouraged to take part in our expansive games programme. They can choose to play team sports or perhaps take the opportunity to try something new.

Performing arts

There are plenty of chances for senior pupils to widen their repertoire, hone their skills and enjoy performing to audiences for all occasions. These include school plays, dance and music performances, the House Music competition and House Drama competition.

Charitable work

Sixth Form pupils are actively involved in creating events to help fundraise for our chosen school charities. They often taking the lead in organising House fundraising events, either as part of the Charities Committee or as a member of their House. Through our Co-Curricular Programme, there are many opportunities to reach out to and work with the wider community.

Intellectual enrichment

Pupils in the Sixth Form have the opportunity to hone their debating skills or their love for international relations through co-curricular activities like Model United Nations and the Debate Club. All Sixth Formers also take a twice-weekly course on Epistemology, part of helping them engage with their lives as decision-makers.

Hosting public events

Haileybury Almaty's parallel tracks of curricular and co-curricular activities provide rich pickings for pupils to get involved with the hosting of events. This can be as varied as lectures, plays, concerts and community events.

Pupils are also encouraged to act as school tour guides for prospective families and visitors; attend Open Events, lower school events and help out at annual events and productions.

Time to unwind

We have newly created a Sixth Form Centre where Sixth Formers can have time to themselves to focus on their studies and unwind with their peers. Every month the Sixth Form Committee organises some form of social event which allows pupils from both Lower and Upper Sixth to mix and have fun together.

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
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