Highlights of the HASTMUN 2021

Highlights of the HASTMUN 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that the HASTMUN conference at Haileybury Astana was a clear success. The first session of the event went smoothly and productively. Many important topics and significant ideas have been discussed. All the delegates were invested into the discussion performing strongly and confidently on behalf of the countries they represented. Our amazing chairs ensured the conference was well-structured and organized.

During the simulation of the Model UN, delegates began thinking about resolution papers and possible alliances they might make. On the second day, they were already writing these papers, discussing the best solutions and with the support from chairs they created the best resolutions they could. 

During the final day of the HASTMUN 2021, many interesting discussions took place, many exciting ideas were expressed and delegates finalised their resolution papers. We would like to thank all the schools that participated in the 2021 conference, sending their fantastic students to debate and discuss with us! And special thanks to our guest and Keynote speaker at our conference: Caroline Clarinval. She is the Head of the WHO country representatives here in Kazakhstan.

The schools that participated in the HASTMUN conference are QSI, NIS, Tashkent International School, Astana Garden School, International School of Nur-Sultan, Bilim-Innovation, Haileybury Almaty and Spectrum.

Countering Cyber Terrorism and Weapons: What Are Pupils Talking About?

The school years are a time for developing ambition. As children grow older, they become concerned about the world: they want to change it for the better. It is vital to support children in all their aspirations and endeavours at this age.  

This can be done with the help of educational programmes as well as free extracurricular courses, webinars and conferences. The HASTMUN 2021 conference will be held by Haileybury Astana International School in cooperation with the United Nations.

The Village Kazakhstan spoke with the organizers and the HASTMUN Secretary-General. They told the media portal about the experience of the previous MUN events, the chosen theme, goals, expectations, plans and nuances of HASTMUN 2021. Regular participation in such meetings develops both the personal and professional skills of the students. This contributes to the development of versatile, competent and in-demand specialists. 

The 2021 conference will take place online between 5th and 7th November 2021
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Vacancies for HASTMUN 2021 Delegates are open!

Are you passionate about International Relations and Diplomacy? Are you curious about how global problems are solved? Are you an aspiring leader who wants to grow their responsibility and take on the bigger challenges of real leadership?

If you answered positively, then you should apply for the position of delegate at the Haileybury Astana MUN conference. Please email Ms Rachel Breckon r.breckon@haileyburyastana.kz if you would like to take part in HASTMUN 2021.

We have a limited number of delegate vacancies available across all the committees. Study guides will be provided which give comprehensive information about the committee topics. Delegates will also receive support with writing position papers and opening speeches as well as access to MUN Academy videos to help you.

HASTMUN 2021 Conference will be held on November 5-7 on the MUN Command platform. To become a delegate in HASTMUN 2021, please click on the button below. 

MUN Academy and the 2nd annual Model United Nations conference

The main goal of the HASTMUN 2021 conference is to empower young delegates to express themselves, hone their debating skills and partake in the exchange of knowledge with people from different cultural backgrounds and world views.

We want to provide an opportunity for young people to examine global issues, discuss viable solutions and come to a consensus through debate. We are certain that these skills will accompany the students through their university and adult life.

As the world is dealing with the pandemic and moving towards recovery, the focus of our conference is on the ways communities can cooperate and tackle international adversity. Hence, the conference theme is “Confronting Crises for a Revival of Hope''.

What is the MUN?
Ms. Rachel Breckon : What is the MUN?
Ms. Rachel Breckon : What is the MUN?
Bibi, IB student about the MUN conference
Bibi, IB student about the MUN conference
Alima, IB student about the MUN opportunities
Alima, IB student about the MUN opportunities
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