Aimira Abayeva Alumni 2019: ‘Haileybury Astana helped me become who I am now’

When I heard of Haileybury Astana School in 2013, It immediately appealed to me as a school I was excited to attend. I came to Haileybury Astana in Year 8, being a little curious girl with a lot of thrill in the eyes. The first steps to school where the ones, that I will always remember. It was such a great feeling when I saw Haileybury Astana the first headmaster and played the piano in front of him. This is how my passion for music had started. Six years at Haileybury Astana made me a truly Haileyburian and I am very proud to be the first Haileybury Astana Alumni.

I was shaping my motivation to pursue a future study in the United Kingdom. Having embraced the British education system and talking to highly qualified teachers opened up my communication skills. I feel comforted in a multicultural environment since, at Haileybury Astana, I always have been part of several different international societies.

Being the first Alumni of the school and a second-year BBA Business Administration student at the prestigious UK University of Essex made me realise how Haileybury Astana helped me become who I am now. The University of Essex was my first-choice university, and one of the reasons was the title of University of the Year at the Times Higher Education Awards in 2018. I feel deeply connected to the British way of life and most importantly, to the British education renowned for its excellence standards. I am very keen to get the most out of the lively student life of the UK.

Haileybury Astana prepared me well to university life: academically as well as socially. The IBDP program and its core elements, such as Extended Essay, prepared me well for university essays. At my university, I feel that I have a competitive edge among other students in the class, who did not complete an IB program. The major benefit being an IB graduate at Haileybury Astana, and not completing the IB program overseas - is the advantage of being an international student. 

Haileybury Astana Alumni Association is the great start to keep in touch with fellow graduates and help them grow and be a part of Haileybury Astana once again. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made things difficult, and students cannot enjoy the studies, as much as they should.

On January 2021, I felt like I should do something, improve my CV and gain experience. My first thought was my school - Haileybury Astana. I wanted to gain a working experience at Haileybury Astana in the Marketing Department out of my own will. I was very excited when I got the response that I can join the Marketing team for two weeks internship. This shows how Haileybury Astana helps their graduates, and I am a real example of it. This opportunity gave me a real insight into how Haileybury Astana works, within PR and marketing. It is such a feeling being back at school as an adult. I understand how valuable experiences are and how it is important to practice.

I am very thankful for an opportunity that Haileybury Astana offering their students – undergoing the University of West London Music Examination. I did the LCM exam (London College of Music Examinations) here at Haileybury Astana. Having the highest Grade 8 on the piano from the LCM exam and IB music has opened aptitude in me - to see it through to the end. My music skills make me stand out; it also helped me develop self-confidence in other areas, which is a great quality, especially in the business world.

Haileybury Astana is the place that feels like home. Even though the teachers might have been changed throughout the years, the emotions I feel remain the same. I was at Haileybury Astana with all their achievements and honours. When Haileybury Astana got IGCSE accreditation and International Baccalaureate (IBDP) accreditation – I was there. Haileybury Astana and I were growing together, which made me feel this strong bond. 

I am very thankful to Haileybury Astana for the memories, for the great university preparation, for an opportunity to work as an intern, for the true friends and the small British island, here in Nur-Sultan. This is means a lot to me.

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